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24” x 36”, with a scale of 100 feet to the inch, professionally engineered paper drawing containing the following:

Top Left

1.     Lot dimensions in feet and hundredths of feet with bearings and angles to street and alley lines

Top Center

1.  Notes

2.  Legend if abbreviations or symbols are used

3.  City Acceptance w/Mayor signature/date and City Secretary Attest/Date

4.  Health Department Certification

Top Right

1.  Owner’s Certificate

     a.  Legal description with total acreage

     b.  Metes and Bounds

     c.  Notary Block(s)

2.  Surveyor’s certificate, signed and sealed, with notary block

Bottom Left

1.     Vicinity Map (not to scale)

Bottom Center

1.     North arrow and scale

2.     Name, address, phone numbers

     a.  Property owner

     b.  Applicant

     c.  Surveyor

Bottom Right

1.     Title block

     a.  Plat Type

     b.  Subdivision name

     c.  Block and lot numbers

     d.    Survey name

     e.  Preparation date

     f.  City, County and State

Included in Diagram

1.    Water source

2.    Sanitary treatment location

3.    Lot use - Existing improvements (if not shown on map, note via comment)

4.    Property boundary with dimensions and bearings

5.    Lots & blocks reflecting lot & block numbers

6.    Locate the property with respect to a corner of the survey or tract or an original corner of the original survey of which it is a part

7.    Building Lines (for residential uses only)

8.    Existing and proposed location of streets and alleys, Right-of-Way (w/size), and street names

9.    Right-of-Way dedications or reservations

10.  Utility Easements – water, sanitary sewer, drainage, electric, telephone, gas, cable television, fire lane, etc.  Show all bearing and distance information on existing and proposed easements, including separate instruments.  Where property or easement extends into multiple counties, plats and separate instruments are to be filed in each county.

11.  Filing information for all existing easements and Rights-of-Way

12.  Complete curve data (delta, length, radius, tangent, point of curve, point of reverse curve, and point of tangent) and bearings of all tangents

13.  Locations, material, and size of all monuments found and set

14.  Outline of all property offered for dedication for public use

15.  Subdivision name of platted properties or owner name of unplatted property,  with recording information, of adjacent properties within 200 feet of the property to be platted

16.  Existing and proposed FEMA 100-year floodplain and elevation. Include minimum finished floor elevations of all lots adjacent to floodplain.  If the site does not contain a floodplain, note that: "No 100-year floodplain exists on the site." A floodplain reclamation study will be required with the final plat if necessary

17.  Existing and proposed Fully Developed 100-year floodplain. All floodplain data shall be for urban developed conditions upstream

18.  Additional documents necessary for dedication or conveyance of easements or rights-of-way

Our vision is to prepare for and to embrace the future while sustaining 
and preserving the identity and heritage which makes Weston unique.

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