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A demolition permit is required for each individual building that is to be demolished.  Requirements for demolition are:

1.   On site Dumpster(s) must be provided.
2.   The contractor shall furnish, erect and maintain approved danger, warning and ''Keep Out'' signs at the demolition site.
3.   Suitable barriers subject to the approval of the City shall be erected and maintained by the contractor for all openings and pedestrian safety.
4.   When demolition work using machinery methods are employed, the building may be demolished in a step-like fashion as long as adequate lateral support of the structure exists.
5.   During the demolition process the work shall be kept thoroughly wetted down to prevent the spread of dust.
6.   Asbestos certificate is required for any public or commercial building.
7.   If the structure is more than two (2) stories or twenty-five (25) feet high, arrangements are to be made with the City to accommodate pedestrian traffic without causing congestion before commencing demolition.
8.   No wall, chimney or other construction shall be allowed to fall in mass on an upper floor. Bulky material, such as beams and columns, shall be lowered and not allowed to fall. When any building over one story in height is demolished, precautions for protecting the public shall be taken. 
9.   The work to be performed shall include the demolition of all structures, vaults, steps, walls and the disposal of all excess material, junk and rubbish.
10.   All debris and material resulting from the demolition shall be promptly removed from the demolition site.
11.  Existing Off- Site Septic Facility (OSSF) is subject to regulations by the Collin County Development Services.
12.  Any surface holes or irregularities, wells, basements, cellars, sidewalk vaults, or coal chutes remaining after demolition of any building or structure shall be graded in such manner that will provide effective surface drainage.
13.  Demolition work shall be pursued diligently and without unreasonable interruption with due regard to safety.  All demolition work shall be completed within thirty (30) calendar days from the date that the permit is issued to the applicant.  The site shall be ready for inspection within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the permit is issued to the applicant.  This permit expires and becomes invalid thirty (30) days from the date of issuance unless an extension of time has been requested in writing and presented to the building inspector at least five days prior to the expiration of the permit.  The request must give justifiable cause as to why additional time is required.  If an extension is granted it shall be in writing by the building official.
14.  Any surface holes or irregularities, wells, septic tanks, basements, cellars, sidewalk vaults, or coal chutes remaining after demolition of any building or structure shall be graded in such manner that will provide effective surface drainage.
15.  Final responsibility for compliance with all requirements shall be that of the permit holder of the structure being demolished.
16.  Any permit issued under this application shall not be construed as authority to violate, cancel, alter or set aside any other applicable State of Federal law.
NOTE:  All contractors working in Weston and required to register with the City of Weston. Registrations are valid for one year.

Required Documents
1.  Construction Permit Application
2.  Permit Fee - $50
3.  Proof of liability insurance
4.  Proof of Worker's Compensation Insurance
5.  Release forms from all utility companies indicating utility service connections and related equipment have
    been removed or scaled and plugged in a safe manner
6. Contractor Registration Form(s)
7.  Asbestos Survey Certification if public or commercial building.

Burn Permits are available at City Hall for a fee of $25.  All proceeds benefit the Weston Volunteer Fire Department.

All payments should be in the form of a check made payable to the City of Weston.  The City of Weston currently does not accept credit cards.

Our vision is to prepare for and to embrace the future while sustaining 
and preserving the identity and heritage which makes Weston unique.

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